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Baby came to us from a nearby dairy farm


Hope is so special that even a cattle rancher couldn't help but love her. In fact, little Hope can be credited with saving the lives of all of her friends here! She's very shy, sweet and curious. She also loves welcoming new calves on the sanctuary, and is best friends with Terri-Jane and Neo.


Cocoa used to be so shy, but is now warming up to all the newcomers coming to visit her. When she feels a connection with someone, she very intently studies them, and then gently comes to sniff their hands. If you have a treat, she might even let you pet her.


Fuzz loves to be admired... from a distance! She knows she is absolutely adorable, but often plays it cool and prefers to relax on her own. Fuzz is very sweet, gentle and super lovable!


Bucky here is such a lady. She loves to be pampered with hugs and kisses, and will never turn away from anyone wanting to give her some love. She's very gentle, and never picks fights with the others. She has a special way of getting along with everyone that she meets. Her gentle nature sometimes means she doesn't always get her way, but she never complains... unless it's about food, of course!


Meathead is an absolute ladies man.. and with looks like these, who can resist? He might seem like a tough guy at first, and will give some intimidating looks to newcomers, but he is an absolute softie at heart! 


Einstein is so silly! She was named after a photo of her which showed an uncanny resemblance to Albert Einstein himself. She never runs out of funny faces to make, and can make anyone smile. Charming, funny and beautiful!


Martha is the oldest and wisest of the Farmhouse Garden family. She is warm and affectionate, and always calm and composed. Martha's favorite things are yummy food and a fresh made bed!

Mumma (Longface)

She used to be named Longface, but was dubbed "Mumma" after proving to be a wonderful mother to little Hope. Mumma is very protective of her little one, and is a very gentle soul.


Lump is strong-willed and never afraid to stand out amongst the crowd! Both his looks and his personality are absolutely unique :)


Hansel is one of the twins! He takes after his dad, Meathead, and likes to put on a tough-guy face, but can also be silly sometimes! He can often be found with his sister, Gretel.


Gretel, the other twin, is a sweetheart, but if you give her brother apples then you better have some for her as well! She loves to play, especially if it's with Hansel.


Jane is friendly and loves attention, especially if you're giving her carrots. She is very loyal to her best friend Colletta, who has been with her for decades.


Colletta is always hanging around with her best friend Jane. She loves hugs and when we take her on walks! Colletta has lymphitis, so she needs lots of special love and treatment for her leg!


Red-Eye is a very sweet, gentle girl. She has a baby, Neo, who she is an absolutely wonderful mother to. 


Melody is the smallest, but toughest of the horses! She gets along great with the rest of the girls and loves getting attention from visitors.


Beautiful Milkshake has the most gentle, sweet nature. Her favorite things are fresh pastures, squash, and back rubs!

Note: there are more animals living on the sanctuary, and their

biographies are coming soon!

Photos by Katie Stoops Photography,

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