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"Our mission is simple: serve our community quality, whole foods and offer the world real food as fast-food for a change"

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Guest Speakers

Hear the story of how Farmhouse Garden Animal Home was created first-hand from its co-founders, a long-time vegan and a third generation cattle rancher.

The "It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken" blogger and author of "Fuss-Free Vegan" grew up in a family of foodies, chefs, butchers, and hunters. Hear the story of how she changed her life around.

Maddie started participating in social media because she had a message of kindness, compassion and well being. She now reaches thousands of people on a daily basis through Instagram, and YouTube. Hear Maddie and her boyfriend, Kyle Fraser tell their story.

Sheree has been plant based for almost 8 years, and has a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell. She has a regular column in the Brooklin Town Crier and does Farmboy Nutritional tours, as well as often being featured in the Farmboy weekly flyer.


The chef and cookbook author behind Toronto's "Mythology Diner", creates inspired dishes using the highest quality ingredients possible, and enjoys challenging mainstream thought on diet and ethics. He is regularly featured in publications, makes appearances on national television, and is a vegan consultant to some of the world’s top luxury brands.

Toronto Pig Save exists to "erect glass walls" at area slaughterhouses. Representatives will be talking about how the Save Movement started up as well as how animal rights is a feminist issue.

Alexi is a Functional Medicine based Health coach, an Environmental Health expert and a plant-based Chef. She helps women entrepreneurs who are stressed and over-worked implement new health habits so they can be happy, increase profits and live their dreams.