New Life on the Sanctuary

June 27, 2017

Hello Farmhouse Garden Animal Home friends, 


The last little while has been so busy, and we have been learning more and more about running a sanctuary every day. But after all of the busy days and the planning and stressing, there’s nothing like seeing things finally coming together at the sanctuary. Seeing the cows galloping through the pasture happily keeps us focused and reminds us what we are doing this for.



Update on Willard the Duck


As you may know, we lost our beloved Wallace the duck, who was Willard's very best friend since birth. Despite weeks of antibiotics, special care, and lots of love, sweet Wallace did not make it. The two were inseparable, and it broke our hearts to think of one being without the other.

We brought Willard a little pool to put right next to the duck house, which seemed to lift her spirits.