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Sanctuary Sundays

Learn About the Animals

and What We Do


Does your child love interacting with animals? Are you looking for ways to teach them more about compassion and respect for the planet and all of its inhabitants?

We have fun, hands-on, humane and kindness-based programs just for you!

Suitable for kids and families of all ages, join Humane Education experts Mike, Taunya, Oatie and Tilda on Sundays for a truly special experience.


Email us at for details.


Do you like meeting new furry (and feathered) friends, being outside and getting your hands dirty?  Now is your chance to learn how animals play an important role in our lives, and how choices you make every day impact the beings around you. 

If this sounds like fun to you, ask an adult to contact us at about coming to visit us!

Here are some of our friends who might wander by to say "Hello!" while you are here:


Everyone's favourite meeting crasher.

Lucky & Willard
Inseparable best friends!


The sweetest cow around!

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