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The Meeting Crasher


Invite Buckley to your next online meeting!

Buckley is the donkey that lives here at the sanctuary. She's cute and sweet and would love to join you on your next conference call with your colleagues!

She'll be the biggest "ass" at your meetings for a change! 

Buckley lives in the same paddock as Melody the horse, so you'll see her too, and if there's time some cows might also join the meeting! See our Meet The Animals page for some bios.

How It Works
  1. Fill out the form below to give us information about you and your meeting

  2. Once we receive your submission we will contact you to confirm that we are available on the required date and time, and we will provide details on how you can submit payment. Prices are listed on the form below. 

  3. A volunteer will join your meeting from the sanctuary, introduce you to Buckley, and let her be one of the "participants" in your meeting while we brush her, give her treats, etc. Like any actual meeting participant, she may or may not pay attention to what you're saying!

  4. If there's time we will go over to where the cows are hanging out and introduce you to them too. The more time you purchase the more animals you're likely to get to meet.

  5. We will leave the meeting after the alloted amount of time or when you ask us to leave, whichever comes first.

If your meeting goes off the rails you can always "Pin the derail on the donkey"!

If you have any questions about this fundraiser we'd be happy to answer them! Just email us at Thanks!

People Love Having Buckwheat On Their Ca
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