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Annabelle is gentle and sweet. She’s Gord’s mother, and she’s got a very unique spot over one of her eyes. She’s not afraid to moo when she wants something, but she’s equally happy if that something is just cuddles.


Regan is named after American animal rights advocate Tom Regan who passed away in 2017 right around the time Regan the calf was born.

Regan is always found getting into dirt, puddles, you name it. He’s an explorer when the herd is in the pasture, and always seems to be climbing things. He’s also curious of volunteers, and visitors. 


Cocoa is Butternut’s Mum. She can be a little aloof, and her favourite thing to do is stand a little ways away from volunteers and moo quietly in a judgey way. It’s adorable.


Born in 2017, Butternut is a handsome guy, if a little shy. Butternut is Cocoa’s son, and he’s inherited a little of her grouchy temperament. He’s shaggier than most of the cows, even in the summer, and he’s got a mirror image of his mum’s markings on his face. 


Fuzz is a big sweetheart. She’s always the last one out of the barn when volunteers are bedding it, because she’s learned that if she stays in she can stand under the hay chute and inspect every piece that comes down. 


Buckley here is such a lady. She loves to be pampered with hugs and kisses, and will never turn away from anyone wanting to give her some love. She's very gentle, and never picks fights with the others. She has a special way of getting along with everyone that she meets. Her gentle nature sometimes means she doesn't always get her way, but she never complains... unless it's about food, of course!


Meathead is an absolute ladies man.. and with looks like these, who can resist? His head really is meaty, he’s got protruding eyebrows and a massive head. Despite that, Meathead is a big softie. He’s dad to many of the cows on the farm, and he likes to complain when the herd moves from one place to another. He’ll stop mid-way and just moo his complaints at everyone. 


Einstein is Neo’s Mum, and the two of them are really best friends. She can often be found with him, she grooms him, and she moos at him if he’s not nearby. She’s friendly with volunteers, and does enjoy being pet and even brushed. 


Lump is strong-willed and never afraid to stand out amongst the crowd! Both his looks and his personality are absolutely unique. Lump is always watching. He’s always standing just outside the barn watching the volunteers lay down straw. Sometimes you’ll be getting chicken feed and you’ll see him thru the window watching you. He finds the volunteers fascinating. Either that, or he’s just really looking for veggies. 


Hansel and his twin sister Gretel are not big fans of humans. That’s okay though, because they have their place in the herd family! Hansel is often found with Aubrey and Wayne, doing steer things. He likes to dig in the dirt, demolish straw bales, and glare at Sarah, one of the volunteers. 


Gretel has a way of kneeling down on her front feet and eating the grass and plants on the other side of the electric fence. It doesn’t matter how much grass is on her side, she prefers the other side. It’s really funny to watch, but if she catches you trying to film her, she’ll stop and nonchalantly walk away. 


Gord is the youngest member of the herd. He was born a good while after all the boys had been neutered, and he’s the only one with horns. He’s just special all around. Named for Gord Downie, he’s got the most chill temperament, he’s playful, friendly and a big goof. 


Red-Eye is one of our big ladies. She’s usually found at the front of the line for treats, and she’s also a big fan of trying to eat phones, gloves, watches, and anything she can wrap her tongue around. She’s very friendly, and is usually up for cheek scratches. 


Melody is one tough horse, but also has a sweet side that is sure to come out once you feed her a few carrots.


Milkshake is starving. She was just fed five minutes ago, but she needs to have more veggies than anyone else. She’s not against using her long eyelashes, and adorable face to coerce you into giving her those extra carrots. It’s hilarious to see her come running when she’s somewhere else and she realises volunteers are passing out veggies. 

Willard and Topaz

Topaz is a sweet Muscovy duck who is the cuddliest resident at the sanctuary! She was abandoned in someone's front yard, but quickly found her way here to her forever home. She became instant friends with Willard and the two are often seen preening each other's feathers - it's so sweet!

The Chicken Coop Gang

We have one rooster and seven hens at the sanctuary. 

They spend their days strutting around their runs, pecking at things in the grass, and at night get up on their roost in their coops to sleep.


Don’t turn your back on Terri-Jane, she’s not afraid to bump you! She’s hungry, she’s determined, and she’s going to use her weight to get what she wants. We admire her spunk. 


Wayne is probably the sweetest of the herd. He’s always up for cuddles, and he is known to rub up against volunteers like a cat. Except he weighs a LOT more than a cat, so you need to brace yourself! He’s got a very distinct moo, and he’s often found hanging out with Victoria. 


Shy Esther is usually hovering on the outskirts of events. She’s got the most beautiful long ears, and she’s curious of volunteers one-on-one, especially if you’re holding an apple slice. 

Note: there are more animals living on the sanctuary, and their

biographies are coming soon!


Hope (2016 - 2020)

Hope was very special - in many ways she can be credited with saving all of her animal friends at the sanctuary as it was right when she was born, that farmer Mike decided he could no longer send the animals to slaughter. Since she was born prematurely and needed lots of help getting her start to life, he spent a long time caring for her, and realized he never wanted to be the reason that she was killed. 

At 4 years old, she lived longer than most cows on regular farms. Even at 4 years old, she was smaller than even the youngest cow at the sanctuary - but it never stopped her from pushing all the big cows away so she can be right at the front getting all the best treats from visitors!

She was tiny but strong-willed, sweet, and determined to overcome any obstacle that came her way.

Mumma (Longface)

She used to be named Longface, but was dubbed "Mumma" after proving to be a wonderful mother to little Hope. Mumma was very protective of her little one, and was a very gentle soul.

Photos by Sarah Fay, Katie Stoops Photography, & Jake Armstrong

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