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Hope Memorial Cow Hospital

We are home to a large herd of cows, chickens, ducks, a horse, and a donkey - many of which, are now getting older and need a lot of extra care.

This is why Farmhouse Garden Animal Home is raising $40,000 to build the Hope Memorial Cow Hospital - a space for sick and aging cows to be comfortably examined, handled, and rehabilitated.


Among the eldest of the cows is Annabelle, who is now 20 years old. She's living a beautiful life surrounded by her animal friends and family, but in a few years she may not be as mobile. Annabelle needs to have facilities in place that will help her be comfortable and happy as she ages.  

It's not just for older cows - Gretel, who is about 9 years old, recently had a growth on her eye removed. While the vets were able to treat her with our existing setup, having more modern updated equipment will make future treatments and monitoring far less stressful, and easier for both the animals and our veterinarians. 

The $40,000 we hope to raise will go towards the following, along with associated construction costs:

The Cow Hospital will be named after a calf named Hope, whose sweet nature inspired farmer Mike Lanigan to turn his cattle ranch into an animal sanctuary.


It was thanks to her that the lives of all the cows were saved, and the other animals were then rescued. It's only fitting that this life-saving building will be named in her honour.

Please help us reach our goal and give the sanctuary animals the best lives possible! Any amount helps us move closer to being able to build the Hope Memorial Cow Hospital.

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