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A Calf's Courage: The Story of Charlie

Born May 4th 2017, Charlie entered this world along with his twin brother Mo as the offspring of mother Bess. Both calves were born quite small and weak, and unfortunately Mo was not able to make it through.

Mo’s passing lead Charlie to become even more feeble, but with days of Mike’s unrelenting care, Charlie was nursed back to strength and health. Despite his small stature, and difficult early life circumstances, he has since become one of the friendliest and liveliest calves at the sanctuary.

Charlie’s will to survive and reverence for life is nothing short of inspiring. His personality and individuality showcase the fact that these animals are gentle creatures, with distinct characteristics.

At Farmhouse Garden Animal Home we believe that every animal should be given the opportunity to live their lives free from harm, and free to express this individuality. Sanctuary projects like FGAH play a key role in restoring this opportunity to residents like Charlie, providing a safe space for him to live, love, learn and grow, a simple but powerful desire we can all attest to.

To continue to provide sanctuary to Charlie and his comrades we need your help! Volunteers are always needed at the farm, but if you cannot make it up to check us out directly, a donation is also extremely impactful!

For more information about the farm, our story and how to get involved visit our website:

Keep up to date and spread the word by following our Facebook and Instagram pages: We are grateful for all your support!

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