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The Farmhouse Family Has Grown!

The Farmhouse crew continues to be busy as we take care of our non-human friends and prepare for the first annual Uxbridge VegFest! We've been lucky to see new faces come out to volunteer in recent months and receive continued support from many dedicated contributors. As our team continues to grow in human numbers, we are excited to announce our first rescue! Give a warm welcome to Lucky the duck! (pictured to the left along with long-time Farmhouse resident Willard)

We were contacted about Lucky by a local resort that he kept wandering back to. They wanted to make sure he went to a good home, so they contacted us and helped get him to safety. It seemed that he was used to people, but wasn't very comfortable doing things that a duck should do, like playing in water! So Willard has taken it upon herself to teach Lucky her duck ways, and the two are now best friends. We are so happy to see Willard bond with another duck again, and to see Lucky get the safe forever home that he deserves.



Sunday, June 24th

The much anticipated Find Veg Love speed dating event is happening this Sunday, so now is your last chance to purchase your ticket!

Your ticket includes:

- A chance to find your veg soulmate

- A tour of the sanctuary

- Hanging out with some animal friends

- A donation to the sanctuary

Don't miss this one of a kind event! Sign up at:


Ways to support us and get involved



  • We'd love to have you help us run the sanctuary. As a non-profit organization we depend on the efforts of volunteers to keep things running smoothly. Please submit this volunteer form on our website if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support, and for helping us build a more compassionate world for animals!

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