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Happy Birthday Bucky!

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

On March 28th, we're wishing happy 14th birthday to one of our most famous residents--Bucky!

The sanctuary has kept afloat this past year in no small part because of our gentle, friendly, beautiful girl who has joined over 200 Zoom meetings, crashing birthday parties, corporate meetings, classrooms, record launches, Girl Guide troops, graduation ceremonies, margarita nights, and so many more of the online get-togethers we've had to have during this time. Bucky never fails to bring a smile to these meetings and so we want to make sure to celebrate her birthday in style in return!

Join us on March 28th at one on Zoom to celebrate with all our residents! There will be games, cake, and every celebrant will leave with a virtual loot bag from some of our favourite supporte