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Name that Cow! (part one)

One of the most common questions people ask when visiting the sanctuary is "How do you know all the cows' names?" With 26 cows, it's true that it's a bit of a challenge, but with these handy hints, you'll be naming them all in no time!

All the cows on the sanctuary are Hereford cows. Twenty of them are brown and white, and six are black and white. While they all look similar, there're some unique markings and personality traits with each cow that let us tell them apart. Like people, they are all individuals!

Let's start with the easiest cow to identify: Gord!

Gord is the only resident who has horns! This makes him very distinct. He's also a beautiful chocolatey brown colour, and has only one sploch of white on his forehead. What a handsome guy!

Next up, we have Mom and Son; Cocoa and Butternut:

Cocoa is Butternut's mom, and you can really see their resemblance! Their face markings are mirrors of each other, which is so cool. Cocoa is bigger than Butternut, and she also has black spots on her nose. Plus, Cocoa is usually found standing a few feet away from volunteers mooing at them; she seems to always have something to say.

Finally--for part one at least--we have Annabelle:

With a big spot over her right eye, and a slit in her ear from an old tag, Annabelle is also pretty distinct. She is also one of the more vocal members of the herd, mooing when she sees volunteers, always trying to entice them into getting her more veggies!

Tune in next time, when we'll talk about more of the herd! You'll be an expert in no time!

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